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The Fading Piece - Stop motion animation installation, 20mins loop, 2014

This is a duo stop-motion animation. On the right, it shows a diminishing pastel, while the left reveals the development of a line-drawing on the landscape, simultaneously, line by line. It is based on a photo named Kwun Tong Town Centre from Wikipedia, which no longer looks the same due to urban renewal program. In this work, I restrict the role of the animator, as the length of the animation is solely based on the consumption of the pastel. It also reveals my engagement with time via the process of the consumption of the pastel.

Substances and energy are unceasingly circulating. A stop-motion animation in the virtual world is formed when the pastel in reality transformed into the scenery (Kwun Tong) on the paper, simultaneously, line by line.
The animation is the recorder as well as the carrier of the energy. I spent half a year to make this animation. Every stroke I drew, I had to record the drawing and also the pastel. I repeated around 14,000 times to finish it. I tried to highlight the process of the creation of animation and this is a long meditative process of making it happen.

"Compression – Disintegration, Expansion – Merging. The repetition of the videos becomes a mantra showing how fleeting our actions are. Drawing – the first medium humans have been used to express themselves. Lau Ching-wa impressively demonstrates with her work The Fading Piece that this medium has lost none of its topically and relevance."
Harald Kraemer the 20th Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia (ifva), 2015

消失之中- 定格動畫裝置, 20分鐘循環播放, 2014




Harald Kraemer , 第二十屆 ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體節, 2015

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