The Cave with a Wheeze

2021, 10mins 

Created and animated by Jess Lau

Sound composed and performed by 龢wo4





‘The Cave with a Wheeze’ is a fixed-point stop-motion animation. On a 2x3-meter white wall, Lau drew one after another carbon-black being with charcoal in each frame, who walks from the edge to the centre. Depicted, documented and erased - Lau repeated the cycle with each step of each being, until the wall was filled with hundreds of them. Wiping the charcoal dust with her hands, Lau attempted to revert the wall to the previous white wall. The clock on the left upper corner reflects the time in reality of Lau's working (started at noon), in parallel to the condensed time in the animation.


Summer 2020, The idea of 'filling the wall with bodies' glowed as she stayed in the studio, and in there she brought us the work 'The Cave with a Wheeze'.