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Sparkling Fountain 星星噴泉


Stop-motion animation


Sound: Brian Chu

With an artistic practice in video, animation, and installation, Jess Lau Ching Wa (b. 1991 in Hong Kong; lives in Hong Kong) centres on themes such as memories of the body and of the city, and the accumulation of time. Frequently, she experiments with the distinctiveness and malleability of each medium. Newly conceived for this exhibition, the video poem Sparkling Fountain hones in on the oddly mesmerising process where Lau took ready-made, star-shaped cloth patches apart, thread by painstaking thread, until they turned into dust. With the artist imagining the creation of a fountain of stars, sparkling and bursting with myriad wishes, the process, verging on violence, forms a stark tension, which generates a powerful visual and emotional impact. The cosmic references in the work also gently remind us of the transience of everything in life— whether they are as trivial and minute as a piece of cloth or as stupendous as stars and planets. Vulnerability and mutability are the eternity we share.


'emo gym', 139.jpg

Image courtesy of Tai Kwun Contemporary. Photo: Kwan Sheung Chi.


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