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忻慧妍, 13 Sep, 2016
"第一次看 Jess 的作品是她的畢業作品,叫<消失之中>,是一個雙螢幕並列的動畫裝置。乍看覺得是很機械性的一筆一筆把觀塘的一處街景畫了出來,續漸看到畫面是很有意識的把這一小處景色再細分作一個個小區,大廈,街巿,貨車,由早晨的陽光到夜晚的日落。"...

明周, 12 Sep 2016

Art in the Age of New Media |Youth Talent Hong Kong Exhibition 2015
Style by Asia, 6 June 2015
" As she focused on the process of making the animation via the process of the deterioration consumption of the black pastel, her role as an animator has been revelatory in various ways. To concentrate on the task is one thing, but achieving the reason behind her work is another."

Two animations from two graduation shows: Jess Lau Ching Wa’s 'The Fading Piece' and Wayne Wong Wing Chun’s 'Koon Tong Chronicle'
Yang YEUNG, 27 Sep 2014
"In deliberately applying discipline and regularity to the strokes to conjure up spatial density and monotony, Lau inscribes not only the presence of the strokes; she also reveals the blankness they are encroaching upon."

Voyage to put the art into Antarctica
​South China Morning Post, 28 Oct 2013

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