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Video installation, aluminum window, 20mins loop, 2016

‘Glimpses’ is a video installation, presenting a series of changes in sunlight the artist encountered in her studio. The artist uses four white walls to form an obscure space; with only a frosted window on the wall, the sunlight being projected on it does not tell the audiences where does it come from – it might be from another place, a place which is unknown to all of us. 

From dawn to dust, the sunlight is a hint to time. By projecting the sunlight to a frosted window from an obscure space, the light and shadow embody a mirage – a mirage of the changes in sunlight and the lapses of time. Perhaps, the mirage is, in fact, another reality.

"The artist manages to capture the most mundane scene in her daily life and position it poetically in an exhibition space, which subtly draw our attention to the shifting light and shadows, the passage of time, and arouse our curiosity and imagination of the unseen behind the window."
Ying Kwok, the 22nd Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia (ifva), 2017





「藝術家成功把生活中最枯燥的場景,詩意地置於展覽空間中,含蓄地把我們的注意力帶到移動的光影,時間的流逝之上,引起我們對窗後隱藏事物的好奇和想像。」郭瑛, 第二十二屆 ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體節, 2017

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