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From the Window, 10 mins looping, 2017


Without a clock, a calendar, an alarm or any numbers, we can only understand and measure time by looking at the Sun's path, shadows, the weather and plants in detail. 


‘From the Window’ is a set of video projection on fabric, documenting a series of shifting lights and shadows to show the passage of time in various villages in Nagano, Japan. The shadow ranging from trees, grasses, flowers, skies to a rope, a riding train and a traditional Japanese Jomon pottery-making lady. The installation guiding us to a journey of sensing the time, by watching the shadow / time moving slowly and gracefully but, at the same time, we forget about time.


The video is projected on a yarn cloth hanging from the ceiling, when the wind comes in the real life, the virtual video moves accordingly. The shadow of the video can also be seen on the wall behind, The existence of the shadow of a shadow suggests an ambiguous time space to the audience. 

'窓から', 10分, 2017








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