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 Photo: Behere, Fred Cheung

1' 循環播放,2022


當類比電視(Analog TV)沒有獲得訊號時,會因白雜訊產生的隨機的像素點圖案。劉清華就此以人手製作了六十幅「雪花」素描,並在歌德藝廊內嵌的數位電視(digital TV)中並以不同張數播放,包括高張數每秒六十格。

Snowflake, 60fps

1’ in loop, 2022


an analogue TV does not get a signal, it produces a random pattern of pixel dots, creating white noise. For this piece, Lau made 60 sketches of this static 'snowflake', shown on the digital TV installed in the Goethe Gallery at a high frame rate of 60 frames per second.

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