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A song written by a hare 
Open Studio / Exhibition in Finland, October 2017

I created this series of photography and installation when I am based in Hameenkyro, Finland. Here and autumn, you see and hear silence. It is very calm, with the sight of only a few sheep and hares occasionally. Every evening I lean against the window and watch the sky transform to black from midnightblue. As darkness creeps in, i am taken to the mysterious world of dreams, oscillating between the states of lucidity and trance.

fading moment / frozen time / imaginary warmth / texture of death

Photography :

The Last Sleep
The Last Sleep
The Last Sleep
The Last Sleep
A song written by a hare
A song written by a hare
A Lucid Walker 3
A Lucid Walker 1
A Lucid Walker 2
A Lucid Walker 4

The missing lyrics 
motor, glass jar, water, rock, string

This installation is to illustrate a rock drawing on the water. A rock bound by string which hangs from the ceiling rotating in a circular motion on the water. The surface tension and the sound of the rock grazing the edge of the glass, perform the trace of the image.


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